Fibers and Textiles for Forensic Scientists - Available Summer 2015


Fibers and Textiles for Forensic Scientists is offered to familiarize forensic service providers, both laboratory personnel and crime scene/law enforcement staff, with textiles as they relate to forensic science. The course will be beneficial to those with minimal experience looking to increase their knowledge of fibers and textile science. In addition, the experienced trace examiner will be able to learn some textile-specific information while reviewing concepts such as microscopy, fiber types, fabric construction, and color issues. The course combines intermediate information with the basic foundation of fibers and textile.

Cost: $125.00. This course takes 20 hours to complete, on average.


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Determine why is it important for forensic examiners to understand the science of textiles
  • Discuss the basics of various types of textile fibers
  • Discuss the various types of fabric construction
  • Discuss the polarized light microscope and its uses for fiber examination
  • Explain why color consistency is important to scientists and textile manufacturers
  • Describe types of dyes, pigments, finishes, and processes

Course Structure and Schedule

This is a non-credit course offering 3.66 ILUs. (What is ILU?) Average completion time for the course is roughly 20 hours. The course cost is $125.00 per registration. A certificate of completion will be issued to students successfully meeting course requirements.

Table of Contents:

Unit 1: Forensic Examination Overview
Unit 2: Textile Production
Unit 3: Microscopy
Unit 4: Animal Fibers
Unit 5: Natural Fibers
Unit 6: Manufactured Fibers
Unit 7: Color
Unit 8: Pigments and Dyes
Unit 9: Finishes
Unit 10: Textile Labels
Unit 11: End Use and Significance
OPTIONAL UNIT: Chemical Properties of Fibers


There are no prerequisites for this class.  A printable version of the course content is available in PDF format in the course library for future reference. Course readings are also available in PDF format.

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