Fundamentals of Latent Print Examination


Fundamentals of Latent Print Examination was designed to discuss basic principles and procedures used in the latent print section of the forensic laboratory. The course provides an overview of the types of substrates, development techniques, and examination process that are currently seen and used in the latent print discipline. The content not only addresses practices and methods, but includes the proper handling and preservation of latent print evidence. Also, the course describes how examiners should present themselves and latent print evidence during courtroom testimony.

Cost: $175.00. This course takes 34 hours to complete, on average. (AVAILABLE SUMMER 2015)


Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Define what a latent print is and explain the difference between a latent print and exemplar print
  • Identify the different regions and minutiae in a latent print
  • Describe the different types of substrates latent prints can be found on and the different development techniques an examiner can use
  • Discuss the ways to preserve latent print evidence
  • Describe and successfully perform the ACE-V process
  • Discuss how an examiner handles expert testimony

Course Structure and Schedule

This is a non-credit course offering 5.74 ILUs. (What is ILU?) Average completion time for the course is 34 hours.  The course cost is $175.00 per registration.  A certificate of completion will be  issued to students successfully meeting course requirements.  (AVAILABLE SUMMER 2015)

Table of Contents
Unit 1: What is a Latent Print?
Unit 2: Pattern Types and Ridges
Unit 3: Development Techniques for Latent Prints
Unit 4: Substrate Analysis
Unit 5: Distortion of Latent Prints
Unit 6: Preservation and Packaging
Unit 7: ACE-V
Unit 8: Expert Testimony


Registration for this course requires the completion of Forensic Science Initiative’s “Science of Fingerprints” online course or the equivalent.  If you register for this course before completing “Science of Fingerprints” or equivalent, your registration will be placed on hold until you complete the prerequisite course. Please contact the instructor, Kelly Ayers, if you have questions about an equivalent to the "Science of Fingerprints".

A printable version of the course content is available in PDF format in the course library for future reference. Course readings are also available in PDF format.

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There are free software plug-ins available in the Getting Started area of the course.
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