ServSafe Manager Certification Training

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The National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation's eight-hour certification ServSafe course meets Certified Food Manager requirements and includes the latest FDA Food Code updates. It also includes science-based information and industry best practices. This course will provide you with the knowledge every good protection manager must know to keep food safe in an establishment.

Cost: $140


The ServSafe Manager Certification Training Online Course, Fifth Edition will provide you with the knowledge every food protection manager must know to keep food safe in an establishment. The course content includes updates from the 2005 FDA Food Code, as well as new science-based information and industry best practices. The length it takes individuals to complete the training depends on variables such as their level of food safety knowledge and experience with computers

The flow of the course is very intuitive and allows you to move about freely as you review the concepts. Other course highlights that will help enhance your learning include:

  • “Study Guides” that provide supplemental information in the form of printable charts.
  • A bigger course screen allowing for larger photographic images.
  • Interactive exercises for practice in simulated real-life situations.
  • A bookmark feature that allows students to easily return to where they left off.

West Virginia State Food Safety Requirement

The code requirement for West Virginia states that food safety manager certification is voluntary. Local health departments may mandate certification. As of 7/01/00, the West Virginia Food Code requires that a person in charge be present during all hours of operation. The person in charge at a restaurant must be able to demonstrate knowledge of foodborne disease prevention and HACCP. Passing a food safety manager certification exam is one way to meet the demonstration of knowledge requirement. (’99 FDA Food Code)

Certification renewal is required every 5 years. ServSafe Manager Certification Training Online course is approved by West Virginia.

Course Structure and Schedule

Providing Safe Food

  • The Dangers and Prevention of Foodborne Illness
  • Preventing Foodborne Illness
  • How Food Becomes Unsafe
  • The Food Safety Responsibilities of a Manager
  • Apply Your Knowledge

The Microworld

  • Microbial Contaminants
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Parasites
  • Fungi
  • Apply Your Knowledge 

Contamination, Food Allergens, and Foodborne Illness

  • Types of Foodborne Contamination
  • The Deliberate Contamination of Food
  • Food Allergens
  • Apply Your Knowledge

The Safe Foodhandler

  • How Foodhandlers Can Contaminate Food
  • Components of a Good Personal Hygiene Program
  • Management’s Role in a Personal Hygiene Program
  • Apply Your Knowledge

The Flow of Food: An Introduction

  • Preventing Cross-Contamination
  • Time and Temperature Control
  • Monitoring Time and Temperature
  • Apply Your Knowledge

The Flow of Food: Purchasing and Receiving

  • General Purchasing and Receiving Principles
  • Receiving and Inspecting Food
  • Apply Your Knowledge

The Flow of Food: Storage

  • General Storage Guidelines
  • Types of Storage
  • Apply Your Knowledge

The Flow of Food: Preparation

  • Thawing Food Properly
  • Preparing Specific Food
  • Cooking Guidelines
  • Cooking Temperatures
  • Cooling Food
  • Reheating Food
  • Apply Your Knowledge

The Flow of Food: Service

  • Holding Food
  • Serving Food Safely
  • Off-Site Service
  • Apply Your Knowledge

Food Safety Management Systems

  • Food Safety Programs
  • Active Managerial Control
  • Crisis Management
  • Apply Your Knowledge

Sanitary Facilities and Pest Management

  • Sanitary Facilities and Equipment
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Integrated Pest Management

Food Safety Regulation and Standards

  • Government Regulatory System for Food
  • The FDA Food Code
  • The Inspection Process
  • Self Inspections

Employee Food Safety Training

  • Initial and Ongoing Employee Training
  • Delivering Training
  • Training Follow-up
  • Food Safety Certification
  • Apply Your Knowledge



This is a non-credit course. It is self-paced and takes approximately 8-10 hours to complete. The student can register at any time and will have class access for 90 days. Cost is $75 for the On-Site Class, and $140 for the Online Course. All Exams will be $50.

Classes & Exams

It is recommended that students take the exam within two weeks of completing the course. Please reserve your seat at least 48 hours prior to the exam by calling the contact person listed below. Upon completion of the course, please print out the certificate and bring it to the exam. You will NOT be able to take the exam without the course completion certificate. Go to Register online to register and pay for the exam.

For More Information, Contact Sherry Kuehn @ (304) 293-7635
Or Litha Sivanandan @ (304) 293-7684
*Online classes can be taken at any time. Call to make an appointment for online exam.
Online Training Course $140 Register
Online Exam $50 Register


Computer Requirements

Intel Pentium III 1GHz or faster processor (or equivalent)
500MB of RAM or more, depending on operating system
Sound card and speakers enabled
Compatible keyboard and mouse

Internet Access
High-speed Internet access is recommended. (Minimum connection: 56K modem with actual connection speed greater than 40Kbps)

Operating System and Software
Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher with cookies enabled or Firefox 2.0 or higher
Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher
Adobe Flash Player 9.0.115 or higher (Download latest Adobe Flash Player)
Adobe Reader

800x600 monitor capable of thousands of colors [high color (16-bit)] or higher, millions of colors recommended]
Cookies enabled
Pop-up blockers disabled

The course may not function properly on a Macintosh computer and is not supported at this time. Do not take the course using the Safari browser.

All Students: Using Internet Explorer (IE) 10? Read info on eCampus Main Page


No materials are necessary for this course. Upon successful completion of the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Examination, the student will receive a ServSafe Certificate and ServSafe Wallet Card showing that the student is a certified food manager.

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